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Adhesives & Bonding Agents

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Product  Description
GIC LATEX MODIFIED TILE ADHESIVE Two Component Latex Polymer Modified Cementitious Tile Adhesive
GIC LATEX MODIFIED TILE GROUT Two Component Latex Polymer Modified Cementitious Tile Grout.
GIC Mortar ALCB Thin Joint Mortar for Blocks
GIC PVA EXTRA Multi Purpose Adhesive, Surface Sealer, Primer and Bonding Agent
GIC SBR EXTRA Multi-Purpose Admixture & Bonding Agent
GIC TILE GROUT Polymer Modified Tile Grout.
GIC TILE GROUT LTX Ultra Fine Polymer Modified Grouts for Joints 0-4mm Width.
GIC TILE LATEX Multi Use Water Resistant Latex Additive for Cementitious Mortars
GIC TILE MORTAR Polymer Modified Tile Adhesive.
GIC TILE MORTAR (S) High Performance Tile Mortar
GIC TILE MORTAR LTX Single Component Latex Modified Tile Adhesive
GIC WIDE JOINT GROUT Tile Grout for Joints up to 12mm.
GIC WTA Readymade Acrylic Tile Adhesive for Ceramic Wall Tiles
TufBond AR Single component acrylic bonding agent for use with TufBuild repair mortars.
TufBond EP Epoxy Bonding Agent for Concrete Repairs & Bonding New Concrete to Existing Concrete
TufBond GP General Purpose Epoxy Primer for Overlays and Coatings
TufBond TA Chemical Resistant Epoxy Tile Adhesive and Tile Grout
TufBuild PRC Single Component, Polymer Modified, Plaster Rush Coat