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GIC Philosophy Mission

Providing Solutions Not Products

GIC manufactures & supplies a proven range of construction materials for the building and construction industry, manufactured to international standards. The quality of the products & services will be maintained and assured by an internal & external assessment programs.

Customer service and prompt attention to the requirement of site support, technical information and delivery are the corner stones by which the company will measure its success. 


GIC operates to very high standards of quality control and products tested and valued at every stage. Quality assurance system checks raw materials as well as out-going products. All products are independently evaluated and approved and have independent quality audit. Traceable batch numbering system assures quick and timely response to complaints. Qualified & experienced technical staff in R & D and lab for stringent quality control.

GIC products are tested to international standards by independent laboratories such as Tarmac Alawi, Chatfield etc for 3rd party certificates.